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Maja Karlsson works with sound, music, text, production, composition, live engineering, recording, mixing.

Her own work is mostly in pop music and she has self-released approx. 16 records since 2001, of which 9 were full length. Throughout the years Maja has performed under different monikers to keep each project separate from the rest: Le Bombe, Just Like A Boy, 53CR37/SECRET, MAKEMAKE and A Hand In The Darkness.

Every project have dealt with the boundaries of pop music in their own way, and have been balancing between being accessible and worrying, easy-going and anxiety-ridden. The texts have always been in the forefront. The form have shifted between 90's poetry, prayers and confessions, political outcries and everyday snapshots. The content is often dealing with mental health and societal and cultural imprints on our bodies. Some recurring motifs are insufficiency, escape and the alienness of skin.